1. Burial is Who?

    We apologize for the break in our coverage. We were watching from the sidelines for a while, but are beginning the debate that began it all once again!  

    Hello Again

    Honestly the topic had gotten out of hand so quickly that any space for a logical examination of our factual and evidentiary knowledge on the matter evaporated in the frenzy of competing potential arguments and claims.  The aforementioned frenzy produced a small Internet meme receptacle, that was possibly triggered by this website’s altering of Google’s search results. That is to say, that over the period of time between Four Tet tweeting a link to our site (see last post) until the meme took hold (a time period which was about a year in length) when someone typed in “Burial is” on Google, “Four Tet” ended up becoming the triggered entry. The trend has continued on and on exponentially—becoming a reality, one in which Burial must be Four Tet.  And then, alas! That Burial must be ‘William Bevan’ as Hyperdub’s web page announced.  

    Google has arguably unhinged our grasp on actual knowledge on the topic of the true identity of Burial and of ‘William Bevan’, as the site unintentionally triggered what would lead to a series of memes, stories, and a final offering of Burial’s still unproven identity, as being one ‘William Bevan’.

    But we stand to argue that nothing has been proven or disproven about Burial’s identity thus far.  How does the release of a mere website with a picture of an unknown man (who’s picture has appeared earlier, to match with the supposed identity of ‘William Bevan’) and a written statement from a highly biased (see earlier Discography post) source actually prove anything more to us?

    Has this web page actually proven anything to you?  

    It seems to have only confirmed that the identity, that of one ‘William Bevan’, which the Internet meme frenzy seems to have “decided” upon, is supposed to be what we walk away with.

    The meme—an Internet frenzy of false claims and even a dearth of Burial identity meme images and sites—was caused accidentally, apparently due to the fact that the unanswered question as to who Burial’s true identity really is — was lost in an onslaught of misinformation that has lead us away from the truth — the truth that we know nothing of Burial’s true identity.

    People have clung to the idea that Burial is ‘William Bevan’.  Maybe this is because they can still connect with a mystique about his unknown persona or his anonymity, that they formerly felt. This connection arguably intensifies a listener’s connection to Burial’s sound—which is subversive, dreary, dark, and emotional; yet also almost non-human, and thus not alive, or something that could be been composed by an identifiable person. Who would want to believe that Burial is not the alleged ‘William Bevan’, and lose holding on to the music’s epic mystique? If Burial is not actually ‘William Bevan’, surely those who believe he is would lose a massive part of the mystique about Burial’s music.  Which is why some may want to keep believing the new but yet unproven, untrue reality that the meme phenomena has brought us to—that Burial is ‘William Bevan’.

    The Revised Hypothesis:

    That Burial—who we have been told thus far via a spree of modern day Internet—may not be ‘William Bevan’.


    The fiction and stories coming from news sources such as Equalizer Mag and The Guardian—which we must mention was quick to defame our original Hypothesis as not at all pointing to some higher truth—as well as Stereogum—have decided that Burial is one ‘William Bevan’.

    But Burial, who some currently believe is ‘William Emmanuel Bevan’, could still be a mystery man.  And here’s why:

    News agencies such as Stereogum’s reporting on Hyperdub’s website amendment featuring a web page with one image of a man, who the site claims is one ‘William Emmanuel Bevan’, have claimed that ‘William Bevan’ is undeniably Burial.  But what has Hyperdub and/or Stereogum’s reporting on the topic truly done?

    We would say it has only momentarily quenched the debate—sealing off from the floor those who do not yet believe that Burial is the person who we have been told to believe Burial is—one ‘William Bevan’.  

    But we are back. And we need kindly request a non-biased, trustworthy source of information proving Burial’s true identity, or at the very least a statement that no further inquiry into Burial’s true identity will be allowed, if sealing off those who still lay in question is the desired way forward.

    If the Internet is the sole source left to proving whether or not information that allegedly proves Burial’s identity as ‘William Bevan’ is misinformation or accurate, then we argue that the alleged information is not proven at all.

    Why has Burial’s identity still yet to have been effectively and believably proven to the masses? Is such definitive proof impossible to create using only the Internet as the source of said proof? We think maybe so.

    Is the Internet no longer a reliable source for any information to be effectively proven as truthful whatsoever? We think maybe so.

    Perhaps proving to the Internet that Burial’s true identity is his true identity could be a litmus test.

    We here at Burial Hypothesis HQ would be happy to hear that ‘William Bevan’ has in fact been proven to be Burial, as this was never an issue or a concern of our original inquiry. The inquiry was concerned with proving the identity of Burial, and we offered what still remains a rather unanswered hypothesis—that Burial is Four Tet.

    Perhaps the world, and the Internet, needs a news story with a video of ‘William Bevan’, in order to prove that ‘William Bevan’ is Burial? Or perhaps a Vine?  Or Perhaps a YouTube video?  Or Perhaps an Instagram video? Or Perhaps a Vimeo? Or Perhaps a Snap Chat video? Or perhaps…

    …some kind of video?

  2. Four Tet Tweets burialisfourtet.tumblr.com →

    On December 14th, 2012, a tweet came from Four Tet’s Twitter handle.  The tweet contained only a link to this very Tumblr, burialisfourtet.com.  The tweet comes almost a year since the Tumblr was launched, but we here at Burial Hypothesis HQ, are glad to see that Four Tet has at least noticed the hypothesis.  

    It important to note that as a piece of evidence, Four Tet’s tweeting of the site does not sway the hypothesis one way or the other.  Rather, it seems to only confuse the matter more so.  We must answer new questions now, such as, “Why did Four Tet choose to tweet a site containing the Burial hypothesis?”  One possibility is that it was done in jest, to mock the idea.  But on the other hand, maybe Four Tet has drawn attention to the matter to point out something seemingly ridiculous, in an attempts to cover up the truth.  Either way, we still lack any definitive evidence that can be used to argue against the original hypothesis, that Burial is Four Tet.  Until Four Tet confronts the hypothesis with a response, something beyond mere recognition of its existence, we still will not know for sure.

    We await a response from Four Tet to the hypothesis, as other Burial fans surely do as well.  Stay tuned.

  3. Kode9 and Burial

    In September of 2010, Burial and Kode9 did a mix for Mary Anne Hobbs’ send off show.

    Steven Goodman and Mary Anne Hobbs plausibly know Burial’s identity, as Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet.

  4. Discography

    Seven of Burial’s total ten releases have been on Hyperdub Records, founded and run by Steven Goodman aka Kode9.

    Two of Burial’s releases not on Hyperdub Records are on Text Records.  Text Records was founded by Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet.  

    One of the two releases on Text Records was a collaboration between Four Tet and Burial, the 12” EP entitled Moth/Wolf Cub.  Nothing is known about the production of the release, save the title and artists involved.

    The other Text Records release was a collaboration between Four Tet, Burial, and Thom Yorke, the 12” EP entitled Ego/Mirror.  

    The only Burial release not on either Hebden’s own Text Records or Goodman’s Hyperdub Records was a collaboration with Massive Attack in 2011.  The release was titled Four Walls/Paradise Circus, released by Inhale Gold and the Vinyl Factory.  

    Burial’s identity, as Four Tet, might be known by a very small group of people: Steven Goodman, Thom Yorke, and Massive Attack (Robert Del Naja and Grant Marshall), by some in this group, or by none at all.  Simply because these artists have worked with Burial, does not mean that any know his identity.

    It remains only plausible that someone is in on the ‘secret’ behind Four Tet’s side project of Burial.

  5. William Bevan →

    Burial has “revealed” his identity as a man named William Emmanuel Bevan.

    The sixth Google result when one searches “William Bevan” is an independently family-owned funeral service.  According to their website, William Bevan Funeral Directors serves the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire areas.  The funeral service is specifically based out of Ross-on-Wye, a small market town in southwestern England.  The town is two and a half hours W-NW of London.

    Funeral homes assist with the cremation or burial of the deceased.

  6. The Hypothesis

    Who is Burial?

    The purpose of the question is not so much to reveal the person behind the mystery, but more so to show that what is currently known is mainly falsity.  However, inference allows for an informed guess as to who Burial is.

    And that is Four Tet.

    Thus, the hypothesis: Burial is Four Tet. 

    All posts will be discrete depictions of evidence supporting the hypothesis that Burial is not who ‘he himself’ has claimed to be, but rather that he is Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet.  Only information that is accessible to anyone online, mainly textual and historical in nature, will be referred to as ‘proof’.

    Evidence will be pointed to, and it is up to the reader to determine the accuracy of the hypothesis.  

    Hopefully this is less an exercise of threat and more one of not taking things as they are fed to us, but instead looking for the possibility of more…